MTG Eternal Weekend! - October 24th - 26th

Top Deck Games is proud to present the 2014 Magic: The Gathering Eternal Weekend, featuring Legacy Championships and Vintage Championships! Read full post for details.

MTG KTK Game Day FREE Standard Event- 10/18 & 10/19

Join us for a 2 day Khans of Tarkir celebration! Each day, we'll be holding a Standard Game Day tournament. Both Saturday and Sunday will feature our FREE Game Day Standard tournament!

WH 40K Tournament - 1850pts - 10/18

In the midst of our 40k escalation league, Top Deck Games will be hosting an 1850pt tournament, open to ALL players! Read full post for details.

MTG SCG 2014 Autumn State Championships - 10/11

Come join us at Top Deck Games on Saturday October 11th for the Autumn State Championships! Read full post for details.

MTG Season 12: Khans of Tarkir Sealed league - 10/5

Time sure flies! It seems like yesterday that we started up the TDG Sealed League, but here we are approaching Season 12! Who will be next to have their name immortalized on the Championship Plaque? Read full post for details.


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