8/25 - Extra Life / Warhammer 40K 1500 Points CHOP Fundraiser

Mark your calendar: come join us at Top Deck Games for our fundraising Warhammer 40K event on Saturday August 25th in support of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ( CHOP ) as part of Extra Life's Tabletop Appreciation Weekend ! www.extra-life.org

The event will be capped at 16 players and we encourage those interested to register ahead of time at the store starting on Sunday August 12th. Please keep in mind that even though this is a tournament it should not be taken too seriously given the nature of the event: there will be some shenanigans as described in the advantages below (-:

Matched Play: your Battle Forged list must not exceed 1500 points and is limited to 2 detachment only - the minimum of one must be a Patrol. Note: under strength units are not permitted and painted armies are not required ( although they look good on the table )

There is a $ 5.00 entry fee and any additional donations would be greatly appreciated - separately and / or by adding these advantages:

▪ $ 3.00 - your Warlord is given the Extra Life keyword granting it +1 Toughness and +1 Wound

▪ $ 3.00 - excluding Troops and your Warlord a single unit in your army has a 4up Invulnerable save

▪ $ 3.00 - your Troop choices are not required to take any Morale tests and they have a 5up Feel No Pain

▪ $ 3.00 - you gain 3 reroll tokens which refresh each round

All four of the advantages above can be bundled for a $ 10.00 donation and players have the opportunity to unlock the following advantages provided they have included at least one from the list above.

▪ $ 10.00 - a single unit which is held in Reserves may arrive on any turn and on any table. This ability can be used in each round and the unit must be declared during deployment.

▪ $ 15.00 - you may add an Auxiliary Detachment to your roster without any penalty and the chosen unit can even be from another faction: it would have all appropriate keywords to make it a legal / friendly unit in your army e.g. an Adepta Sororitas Exorcist would gain "Thousand Sons" in a Scarab Occult list.

▪ $ 25.00 - all Objective Markers used during this event become traps: each trap deals d3 wounds at AP-4 to the unit that controls it. This is a cumulative effect such that by example if three people donated then each trap would deal 3d3 wounds at AP-4

▪ $ 50.00 - select any unit, on any table during your Shooting Phase = that unit suffers 2d6 mortal wounds.

=== Schedule of Event ===

10:30 to 11:30 - Registration and Pre Game
11:30 to 01:45 - Round 01
▪ Retrieval Mission
▪ Dawn of War
01:45 to 02:30 - Break
02:30 to 04:45 - Round 02
▪ The Scouring
▪ Hammer and Anvil
04:45 to 05:30 - Break
05:30 to 07:45 - Round 03
▪The Relic
▪ Search and Destroy
07:45 to 08:00 - Winners Announced

Prize support will be paid as store credit based on attendance ( the $ 5.00 per person ) plus $ 85.00 as an opener.