Dragon Ball Super Sealed Tournament

Come join us at Top Deck Games for our first ever Dragon Ball Super Sealed tournament on Saturday, April 6th @ 12pm!

WHEN: Saturday, April 6th @ 1pm
- Registration from 11:00am-12:50pm
- Construction Begins at 1pm
WHERE: Top Deck Games
55 Haddon Ave
Westmont, NJ 08108
- Stop by the shop!
- Call us at 856-858-2700
FORMAT: Sealed. Players will be given 6 packs of Miraculous Revival along with one special promo pack and challenged to craft the best possible 40 card deck.
After a 50 minute deck crafting period, we will then have a 3 round swiss tournament using their newly made deck.
- 50-minute rounds, best of 3 matches
PRIZES: Booster pack prizes based on attendance
Other Special prizes may be awarded based on availability