SWD: Convergence Booster Box Sealed Tournament

Come join us at Top Deck Games for our Star Wars Destiny Convergence Booster Box Sealed Event on Saturday, March 30th at 12pm!

WHEN: Saturday, March 30th @ 12pm
- Registration 11am-1150am
- Player Meeting/Round 1 @ 12pm
WHERE: Top Deck Games
55 Haddon Ave
Westmont, NJ 08108
856 858-2700
ENTRY FEE: $100 (includes box) OR $10 + Bring your own booster box (preordered/purchased at TDG)
PREREGISTRATION: We ask all interested players to reserve their spot by preregistering for the event!
- Stop by TDG or call us at 856-858-2700!
- Already have a box preordered? We will hold it for your event entry!
- Haven't preordered yet? Let us know that you would like to order a box for the event!
FORMAT: 36-pack Sealed
- Rivals Draft set not allowed
- Players will use the contents of their booster box to build their decks using the Draft/Sealed Deck Construction Guidelines (link below)
- 3/4 Swiss rounds based on attendance
- 1 hour build time
PRIZES: 4 packs per player added to the prize pool!
@ 16 players:
1st: 20 packs
2nd: 10 packs
3rd-4th: 5 packs
5th-8th: 3 packs

@ 8 players:
1st: 16 packs
2nd: 8 packs
3rd-4th: 4 packs

Draft/Sealed Deck Construction Guidelines