What's Happening in February 2020!

Come join us at Top Deck Games for a fun-filled February! We even have an extra day to game this year!

•Saturday, Feb 1st: 12:00 PM - SWL: 500pt Skirmish Battle Tournament
•Saturday, Feb 1st: 1:00 PM - Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Preelease
•Sunday, Feb 2nd through Saturday, Feb 29th: All Day - FABTCG: Welcome to Rathe Sealed League
•Saturday, Feb 8th: 12:00 PM - Theros: Beyond Death Theme Booster Sealed
•Saturday, Feb 8th: 12:00 PM - Dragon Ball Super TCG: Series 9 Prerelease
•Saturday, Feb 15th: 12:00 PM - Transformers TCG Grand Tournament
•Saturday, Feb 15th: 12:00 PM - Pokemon TCG: Valentine's Multi-Battle Event
•Saturday, Feb 22nd: 12:00 PM - Pioneer Weekend: Swiss Box Tournament
•Saturday, Feb 22nd: 12:00 PM - WH40K ITC Tournament
•Saturday, Feb 29th: 12:00 PM - MTG Legacy $2K Premier Tournament
•Saturday, Feb 29th: 1:00 PM - MTG Urborg Series: Old School Grand Tournament (EC)
•Saturday, Feb 29th: 1:00 PM to 7:00pm - MTG Commander/EDH Fill & Fire

For full event information, please use our Events Calendar.