Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Preorders Available Now!

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Preorders are now available!

As you all may know, we are working everyday to bring fun & games to everyone during the COVID shutdown. Customers can now preorder all Ikoria product, releasing Friday, May 15th! If the release changes, we will keep everyone updated!

***Preorders must be received and paid for between now and 5:00pm Thursday, May 14th to qualify for preorder pricing and entry into the Ikoria Release Raffle.***

Preordering Ikoria Draft Boxes will come with three things:
1. The Godzilla, King of the Monsters Buy-A-Box promo (1 per box, while supplies last)
2. An MTG Arena Swag Bag code (1 per customer, while supplies last)
3. Entries into our IKORIA RELEASE RAFFLE (see below)

Each Ikoria Draft Box earns you entries into our Ikoria Release Raffle. On the release date, we will choose three different winners (1 prize per person) out of out virtual hat so we can give away some Behemoth-sized prizes:
1 Lucky Winner: $500 Top Deck Games Gift Card
1 Other Lucky Winner: 1 Ikoria Collector's Box
1 Other Other Lucky Winner: 1 Ikoria Draft Box

Earn more entries by ordering sooner! Order by:
• 4/17/20 = 5 entries per box
• 4/24/20 = 4 entries per box
• 5/1/20 = 3 entries per box
• 5/8/20 = 2 entries per box
• 5/14/20 = 1 entry per box

All preorders must be received and paid for by 5:00pm Thursday, May 14th to be entered into the raffle.

***All preorders will have an additional $5 shipping fee, refundable based on store status on release date.

Ways to preorder:
- Send us a Facebook Message with your order.
- Join our Discord and send us a message.
- https://discord.gg/Q5sCVyX
- Give us a call Monday-Friday,12pm-5pm, and place an order over the phone: 856-858-2700

Ways to pay:
- Give us a call Monday-Friday, 12pm-5pm, and give a credit card over the phone: 856-858-2700
- Paypal
- Venmo