2018 Player of the Year Standings

*Updated: September 11th, 2018*
The 2018 Player of the Year Standings! Players earn points by playing in our Magic events throughout the year to earn an invite to the end of the year POTY Invitational $5000 Tournament!

8/25 - Standard Last Chance Qualifier - Pro Tour "Guilds of Ravnica"

Come join us at Top Deck Games on Saturday, August 25th for our Standard LCQ tournament for Pro Tour "Guilds of Ravnica"! We will be hosting our Standard RPTQ on Sunday, August 26th!

8/25 - Extra Life / Warhammer 40K 1500 Points CHOP Fundraiser

Mark your calendar: come join us at Top Deck Games for our fundraising Warhammer 40K event on Saturday August 25th in support of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ( CHOP ) as part of Extra Life's Tabletop Appreciation Weekend ! www.extra-life.org

8/26 - RPTQ - Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica - 11:00am Start Time

Top Deck Games brings you our "Regional Pro Tour Qualifier - Guilds of Ravnica" Standard tournament on Sunday, August 26th! This event is invite-only, so be sure to check out our RLCQ on Saturday! Click for more details!

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