Top Deck Games presents: StarCityGames Premier IQ $5k - 11/8

Come join us at the PA Convention Center on Saturday, November 8th for our StarCityGames Premier IQ $5K and Super IQ events! Read full post for details.

MTG Friday Night Magic Halloween Costume Event - 10/31

Looking for even more fun on Halloween night? Come join us at Top Deck Games for our Friday Night Magic Halloween costume raffle! Come dressed up at play in either our FREE standard tournament or our booster draft to earn entries into our raffle! Read full post for details.

MTG Pick-A-Fat Pack Challenge - 11/1

Following in the awesome tradition of epic selaed events, Top Deck Games is proud to present another Pick-A-Fat Pack Challenge on Saturday, November 1st! Read full post for details.


YGO New Challengers Sneak Peek - 11/2

The New Challengers booster set contains a host of daring cards that no Duelist should be without, including some of the most powerful Pendulum Monsters to date! Read full post for details.

WS Persona 4 ver.E Box Tournament - 11/2

Come join us at Top Deck Games on Sunday. November 2nd for our Persona 4 ver.E box tournament! We'll be giving out at least a box of Persona 4 ver.E boosters as prizes!


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