MTG Magic 2015 (M15) Launch - Fat Pack Challenge - 7/19

Following in the awesome tradition of new MTG set releases, Top Deck Games is proud to present another Fat Pack Challenge! What is better than playing in a sealed event with a brand new set? How about using NINE booster packs instead of six! read full post for details.

Cardfight Vanguard - BT14 Brilliant Strike Sneak Preview -7/13

With another new Cardfight Vanguard release comes another Sneak Preview! This time, it's the BT14: Brilliant Strike. A new ability to nullify [Lock] abilities and the vaunted [Quintet Wall] sentinels appear as the heroes fight back! Read full post for details.

MTG Magic 2015 (M15) - Prerelease Weekend - 7/12 - 7/13

Top Deck Games, the premiere destination for Magic: the Gathering, is hosting SIX Magic 2015 Prerelease events this weekend. Experience a Prerelease unlike any other!
Read full post for details.

TDG Drink & Draft! - 7/7

It's that time again! Drink and draft is back in action for the summer months. Held at the Keg & Kitchen, enjoy a cold beer and sling some spells Monday night! Read full post for details.


Star Trek Attack Wing Dual OPs Day - 7/5

Come join us at Top Deck Games on July 5th for our premier Star Trek Attack Wing Dual OPs Day! Play in STAW: Arena and STAW: The Tholian Web OP events! Read full post for details.


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