Philly Legacy Series Championship for 40 Duals - 6/14

Come join Alternate Universes, Redcaps Corner, and Top Deck Games at the PA Convention Center for the PLS Championship, with 40 duals up for grabs! Read the full post for details.

MTG Pro Tour Honolulu Qualifier - PA Convention Center - 6/7/2014

It's going to be a packed house at the PA Convention Center this Saturday! We've got a Modern PTQ as the main event, plus a combo GPT / SCG Super IQ Modern event on the side! Read the full post for details.

MTG Conspiracy FNM Release Booster Draft

It feels like this set came out of nowhere! All of a sudden, we've got dozens of players asking us to preorder boxes and whether or not we will be holding drafts. Of course we will, and here is that info!

MTG TCGplayer NJ Limited State Championships - 5/31

In 2014, TCGplayer will have three State Championship events, all in different formats to ensure that the State Champions have their own true claim to fame in a particular format. First up is the Limited State Championships featuring the Theros/Born of the Gods/Journey into Nyx sealed format. Read the full post for details.

Star Wars X-Wing - Assault at Imdaar Alpha Preview - 5/30

Assault at Imdaar Alpha is a global preview event, showcasing the fourth wave of X-Wing starfighters. This exclusive event will provide players their first opportunity to see some of the game’s most innovative new starships in action! Read the full post for details.


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