TDG Sealed League Season 11: Magic 2015 (M15) - 7/27

Time sure flies! It seems like yesterday that we started up the TDG Sealed League, but here we are approaching Season 11! Who will be next to have their name immortalized on the Championship Plaque? Read full post for details.

YGO TCGPlayer MaxPoint Series 2014 State Championships - 7/27

Come join us at Top Deck Games on Sunday, July 27th, for the TCGPlayer MaxPoint Series 2014 State Championships! Read full post for details.

MTG Vintage $1000 Event - 7/19

Let's keep 2014 rolling along with another Top Deck Games $1000 Vintage Event! Read full post for details.


MTG Magic 2015 (M15) Launch - Fat Pack Challenge - 7/19

Following in the awesome tradition of new MTG set releases, Top Deck Games is proud to present another Fat Pack Challenge! What is better than playing in a sealed event with a brand new set? How about using NINE booster packs instead of six! read full post for details.

Cardfight Vanguard - BT14 Brilliant Strike Sneak Preview -7/13

With another new Cardfight Vanguard release comes another Sneak Preview! This time, it's the BT14: Brilliant Strike. A new ability to nullify [Lock] abilities and the vaunted [Quintet Wall] sentinels appear as the heroes fight back! Read full post for details.


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