MTG Theros Sealed GPT Montreal - Saturday 1/11/14 @ 12:00pm

Born of the Gods is just around the corner so this is probably your final chance for some all-Theros sealed action! Read the full post for details.

MTG Standard Tournament for a PS4 and Xbox One

As part of our Small Business Saturday celebration, we're holding an awesome Magic Standard event where the winner will go home with the hottest piece of hardware on the market, the Playstation 4, guaranteed. We're also giving out 3 boxes of Theros on top of that. Read the full post for details.

SCG Super IQ $1K GUARANTEED - Saturday 11/9/13 @ 10:00 AM

Top Deck Games is proud to be hosting a StarcityGames Super IQ with a GUARANTEED $1000 prize pool! Read the full post for details.

MTG Theros Sealed GPT Toronto - Saturday 10/26/13 @ 12:00pm

Looking to get some practice in before the big Theros Sealed PTQ next week? Here's your chance! Read the full post for details.

MTG Theros Prerelease Weekend - Sept 20th - 22nd

Top Deck Games, the premiere destination for Magic: the Gathering, is hosting SIX Theros sealed events this weekend. When it comes to hosting events, TDG is often imitated...but never duplicated. We always like to raise the bar a bit with each new set and Theros is no different. This AMAZING new set has a classic Grecian theme. To celebrate this awesome set and it's theme, we're have our first ever MIDNIGHT TOGA PARTY! Read the full post for details.


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