MTG Theros Sealed GPT Montreal - Saturday 1/11/14 @ 12:00pm

Born of the Gods is just around the corner so this is probably your final chance for some all-Theros sealed action! Read the full post for details.

MTG Theros Sealed GPT Toronto - Saturday 10/26/13 @ 12:00pm

Looking to get some practice in before the big Theros Sealed PTQ next week? Here's your chance! Read the full post for details.

MTG Standard GPT for Grand Prix Oklahoma City - Saturday 8/10/13 @ 12:00pm

Alongside our M14 Game Day celebration, we'll be hosting the first competitive M14 sealed event. This time, it's a GPT for Oklahoma City. If Standard isn't your bag, maybe some limited action will fit the bill. Should be a fun day! Read the full post for details.

MTG Modern $1000 GPT - 2013 Eternal Series - Saturday 7/27/13 @ 12:00pm

We're proud to be hosting the next event in our 2013 Eternal Series. This time, it's a Modern $1k which also doubles as a GPT for Grand Prix Detroit. Read the full post for details.

MTG Sealed Grand Prix Trial for GP Oakland - Saturday 7/6/13 @ 12:00pm

With the Sealed League over and M14 just a couple weeks away, this is probably your last chance for some RGD Sealed fun. Might as well give out some GP Byes while we're at it! Read the full post for details.

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